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About Me

My life is art; art is my life.

   Born in Boston, I attended the now  long gone Vesper George School of Art, The School of The Museum of Fine Arts and Harvard University. My earliest employment was as an art director, and later as a creative director, for  notable Boston and New York ad agencies, followed by a stint as a Department Chair at Boston's New England School of Art. 

I also served on University of New Hampshire faculty  teaching in the very successful  Life Studies contract learning program for juniors and seniors, a program that I helped design and administer. 

My Work.

My works have been widely exhibited, featured on the NBC Today Show and  been a subject of note in the New York Times, Graphic Design USA, Art in  America, the Christian Science Monitor and the Boston Globe. 

In recent years my  work has been curated 

into numerous prestigious 

national and international exhibits 

as well as chosen to join works 

on the walls of several notable 

permanent collections including 

that of the White House.

My concepts.

My work continues to evolve. Within the past year I've combined my digital images with my abstract brush strokes as well as creating a few representational pieces.

I only paint after a session of meditation and the meditation directs my work.

  Check out my paintings on the Fine Art America website and/or

Visit  50 of my works on the fabulous Saatchi.com website.   


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